Solutions for the Future Foundation

I created Solutions for the Future Foundation in early 2017, shortly after the end of my presidential term. Both as a president and minister, as well as a manager, I worked for progress and development, this is why the foundation activities аре based on the three key pillars of progress - peace, education and innovation.

Solutions for the Future Foundation focuses its objectives and activities on developing programs and policies for the development of the innovation potential of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria and the region; Educational initiatives for young people and supporting projects and solutions for sustainable and lasting peace in the Balkans.

The foundation's priorities are oriented towards projects and policies that create a horizon and a perspective for young people to stay and succeed in their homeland. The Foundation will cooperate with other organizations and institutions, including governmental and non-governmental, through volunteering, donation, educational and entrepreneurial initiatives to support young people.

Why the name Solutions for the Future? Because, as a president, as a minister and as a manager, I gave solutions for better Bulgaria, for peaceful and prosperous Balkans, for a united and strong Europe. I am an engineer - a symbol of solutions. I have given solutions how to speed up the construction of Bulgarian highways, how to efficiently and correctly use the EU funds and accelerate the modernization of the country. As Minister I am proud to have given solutions and started thousands of projects for the modernization of the Bulgarian regions, I have set completely new priorities for the Bulgarian energy industry, we had a principled and balanced foreign policy, during my term Bulgaria was a good neighbor and a trusted friend of all in the region . As President, I was looking forward and I am proud to have contributed to the elaboration of the Bulgaria 2020 National Development Program and to the preparation of Bulgaria 2030.

As President, on a global level, I was one of the advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals for the Planet by 2030. I looked ahead in the future when, as President, on behalf of Bulgaria, I signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement by 2100. I keep looking ahead, and the Solutions for the Future foundation will be an important tool for that. The Foundation will provide prospects and solutions for the future of Bulgaria and the region. It will organize conferences, meetings, lectures, projects. We will work with all major and small governmental and non-governmental organizations that deliver sustainable and workable solutions on the road to the peaceful and democratic future of Bulgaria and the region. We stay together. We look ahead.

President Rosen Plevneliev and Chairman of Solutions for the Future Foundation participated in the opening of the first digital (un)conference in Bulgaria (The Digital Unconference 1.0).

The event, attended by more than 1000 participants, was held in Sofia Tech Park and was organized with the partnership of Solutions for the Future Foundation.